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Nutrition Article - Coffee Consumption and Mortality

Friday, September 30, 2016

Dear Novant Health Hallmark Care Patients:

In my daily pursuit to advance public health through nutrition education, I come across scientific research and household tips that both encourage and clarify simple foundations of good health. It is my desire to share these research findings with my colleagues, patients, friends, and family.

Barret C. Butler, MPH RD LDN
"I couldn't wait for success so I went ahead without it"

Coffee Consumption and Mortality

Researchers trying to clarify the relationship between coffee consumption and mortality, have provided a dose response meta analysis study in the American Journal of Epidemiology, August 2014. "Until now, several studies have analyzed the relationship between coffee consumption and mortality, but the shape of the association remained unclear."

Conducting a dose response meta analysis of prospective studies, researchers found strong evidence of nonlinear associations between coffee consumption and mortality for all causes of death, including cancer and cardiovascular mortality. The largest risk reductions were observed for 4 cups of coffee/ per day for all cause mortality. Though the findings from this study are encouraging, whether this was causal or associational cannot yet be determined.

I share this recent study, in hopes of bringing more light to the recent trend of drinking coffee using The Bullet Proof method. The growing craze of using specialty coffee beans with medium chain triglyceride oil and grass fed butter to brew up a meal of a latte, is getting a lot of attention with big health claims. You can read all about it in the October issue of Society magazine.

At this stage of the research available, here is the Simple Bottom Line Q. Enjoy your coffee, skip the Bullet Proof specialty beans, and if you want to make it more of a meal – add 1 TB of MCT oil to your organic milk, warm, froth and have a great steady start to your day without the typical breakfast carbs.

During a recent visit to Boston, I was encouraged to hear one of the top Harvard Nutrition researchers, Dr. Frank Hu share his views on a little more coffee to go, "I used to drink tea, but now I drink three to four cups of coffee per day, because we have found more and more evidence that coffee is good for you."