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Letter to our Novant Health Hallmark Care Patients

Friday, September 30, 2016

Dear Novant Health Hallmark Care Patient:

Our goal at Hallmark Care is to promote optimal health, personalized according to each patient’s existing strengths and problems. We provide the time and access to services which are increasingly difficult to find in today’s healthcare market. We value each patient’s individual goals and want to partner with you to achieve those goals.

One of the most important tools for achieving this partnership is the annual exam. We encourage each patient to schedule an extensive annual visit, even if everything appears to be working well. The main purposes of the annual exam are:

  • To develop a working and trusting relationship with alignment of patient/doctor health care goals
  • Early identification of possible non-symptomatic health problems that need to be addressed and to develop strategies around any of these issues
  • To review ongoing problems and make changes in treatment if appropriate
  • To optimize preventative measures in terms of lifestyle and sometimes medications (including supplements) which are personalized according to the  patient’s previous history, family history, age, test results and preference

We recommend that fasting screening blood work be drawn several days prior to the annual exam appointment so that the results can be interpreted and reviewed together and in person as part of the annual exam visit. Additional blood tests can be added if needed based on the initial test results. Other testing (such as EKGs, X-rays, stress tests, pap smears) as well as referrals to specialists can be ordered at the time of the annual exam appointment as appropriate. Again, this is personalized for each patient.

For discussion and testing of new problems that come up between annual exams, we encourage our patients to make separate appointments at the time that the issue arises. We’d much prefer to see you immediately for a new problem than for you to wait until your annual exam to discuss it because by that time, we may have missed an opportunity to intervene in the most appropriate manner.  We promise to make those “acute” visits as convenient as possible for you and your schedule. At any point you may contact us by phone or e-mail to determine if an appointment is needed.

Please remember that insurance companies have differing levels of coverage for preventative care so check your policy for specifics before your appointment. Our staff will do everything possible to limit your out-of-pocket expenses, but your understanding of your own policy is best.

Lillian McKay Teigland, MD